Kirklees (Clifton) Lagoon

Following a meeting between the club, Brighouse Police and Calderdale Council, members fishing this venue must not confront people committing 'illegal activities' or allow violence to take place. 

If any member witnesses any illegal activity or incident they should report to the Police on 101 and obtain a log number. They can also report the matter to the bailiffs and the club ( but must provide their name and contact details at the time so that they can be contacted by the Police. All reports will be treated seriously. 

Please note that complaining to our bailiffs alone to report the incident is not sufficient as all the reports are coming from one person and are dealt with by the authorities as just being one incident, we need complaints from individuals for action to be taken.

There has been an increased police presence in the area over the last year in an attempt to deter the problems, as well as significant works carried out by the council on new paths and fencing on the route down to the lagoon. Please could members fishing the lake stick to these paths up to the club's otter fence. The incidents are not believed to have taken place within the otter fence around the lake and it is extremely rare for anglers carrying fishing tackle to be approached by the individuals while approaching the lake. 

Talks between the three parties will continue until a solution is found to eradicate the problem.

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