Night Permit Waiting List

From 2018 there will be a new system in place for issuing annual night permits for Knotford Nook and Kirklees Lagoon.

As in 2017, existing night permit holders will have until January 31st to renew their permit, with any remaining being sold on in February.

Rather than going on general sale on 1st February, a waiting list system will now be put in place for issuing any permits not renewed. To join the waiting list there will be a form in the 2018 yearbook which must be filled in and returned to the ticket secretary Simon Freer, and names will be added to the list as he receives them. Those at the top of the list who get a night permit will then be contacted by Simon at the start of February to arrange payment.

Anyone joining the list must have at least one years continued membership, ie. to join the waiting list in 2018 you must have been a member in 2017. Membership for 2017 is still available, and is now half price.

There were about 15 permits that went on general sale in 2017 after not being renewed and it is expected that a similar number will be available in 2018. Due to the popularity of these venues the 100 night permits have sold out very quickly over the last couple of years, but after consultation with members it is hoped that this new system will be the fairest way of issuing them.

Photocopies of the form will not be accepted.

There is no waiting list for general membership – new members are more than welcome!



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