Raskelf Fence Improvements 2017

Following a review of the otter fence at Raskelf Lake over the winter, a number of improvements have been sanctioned by the committee. The main change is the electrification of the fence to improve its effectiveness at keeping otters away from the lake. This consists of two electrified wires running along the outside of the fence. While the main fence is not 'live' so doesn't effect the majority of pegs while fishing, care should be taken by members when entering the fishery through the main gate and while walking along the field side. Signs have been erected along the fence to warn anglers. Members are also asked not to rest anything against the fence. 

Along with this there has been a huge amount of clearance work on either side of the fence to remove branches and bushes which may have helped predators climb over or may have fallen onto the fence. These have all been chipped to improve paths around the lake. Further works are planned for later in the year to strengthen the fence on the field side and move the path onto the inside, as well as reinforcing the bank here. 

There has also been maintenance of the otter fence at Queen Mary's Ponds in Ripon. 

Thank you to Dave and Martin for their work on this project. 

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