2016 / 17 Stockings

  • 500 chub and 300 barbel between 8 and 10 inch into the River Calder at Brighouse.

  • 500 chub and 300 barbel between 8 and 10 inch into the River Nidd at Cowthorpe.

  • Two common carp around 30lbs into Knotford, with the biggest weighing 31lbs 8oz. 

The following press report has been widely published regarding the stockings:

Bradford No1 Angling Association’s Knotford fishery continues to go from strength to strength after it was this week boosted by the addition of two carp around 30lbs. The fish were supplied by Fishers Pond Fisheries in Hampshire who are noted as producing many of the largest fish in the country. Both fish were common carp with the largest weighing in at 31lbs 8oz.

At between nine and ten years old, the carp have plenty of scope for future growth and are likely to become the biggest fish ever caught from the lake. The fish have also been microchipped to prevent theft.

“These fish mark a major step for both the water and the club as a whole. They are already larger than last year’s biggest fish caught from the lake, which was 28lbs 4oz, and should both have years of growth left in them. We look forwards to watching them reach their potential over the coming years. To have more than one water with carp over 30lbs really highlights what outstanding value for money is on offer.”

The stocking forms part of a major long-term project at the Otley based fishery which has seen over a hundred carp stocked over the last eight years as well as bank improvements aimed at not only improving the fishing on offer but anglers comfort and security whilst at the lake. The majority of fish stocked were introduced between 7 and 10lbs from VS fisheries, although over a third of these fish are already over 20lbs and many more expected to break this barrier in the coming months.

Alongside the improvements in the quality of fishing, significant work has been carried out by members on the bank. A new perimeter fence and locking system on the gate has been installed to protect fish stocks from the otters which have plagued other local fisheries and eliminate the risk of fish lost to the nearby River Wharfe during flooding. The fence also acts as security for anglers who night fish at the venue. Further work has been carried out to improve access with a new path built around the lake in the last twelve months.

“Our aim is to develop the lake into one of the region’s top fisheries to benefit local anglers as well as attracting anglers from the length and breadth of the country. The improvements and introduction of young fish should mean that the benefits are not just seen now but also for generations to come, and in the process secure the long term future of the club.”

The Yorkshire based club’s work has not gone unnoticed within the local carp fishing fraternity with interest at an all-time high for night permits, which sold out within hours of going on general sale.

The lake is not just an attraction for carp anglers with many species having benefitted from the winter feeding programs put in place for the last couple of years. Double figure bream are regularly caught from the lake along with tench over 8lbs, while predator anglers also report pike in excess of 20lbs and perch over 2lbs.

It isn’t only anglers at Knotford which have benefitted from stockings either. River anglers in the region have been rewarded with a five figure investment into fish stocks by the association this winter. Following years of struggles to obtain fish suitable for introduction into flowing waters, the club sourced a fish farmer willing to breed specifically for rivers and funded around 1600 fish for the River Nidd and River Calder. The stocking saw 500 chub and 300 barbel between 8 and 10 inch into the River Calder at Brighouse and similar quantities into the River Nidd at Cowthorpe.

The association remains one of the largest in the country, controlling fishing rights at more than 70 waters in the Yorkshire region and a membership of around 2000. Membership for 2017 is still available to purchase, offering outstanding value for money with senior membership costing just 48, while juniors can join for as little as 5 per year. For full details visit 

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