2021 Club Rules

Due to the ever increasing number of club rules, many of which relating to the running of the club, we have split them into Organisational Rules, Fishing Rules and AGM Standing Orders to make them easier to understand. The fishing rules can be found below.

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Fishing Rules

25.       (a) The Entrance Fee shall be £20.00 and shall be payable by Seniors, Ladies, O.A.P. & Intermediate Members.
     (b) The Annual Subscription shall be as follows: Senior Members (20 years and over) £55.00, Ladies, O.A.P.’s £32.00, Intermediate Members (17-19 years) £30.00. Juniors £5.00. Any new Senior Member joining between 1st October and 31st December will pay 50% of the current Senior subscription and the full entrance fee stated in Rule 25a.
     No Member shall be entitled to fish the Association’s waters unless he/she has obtained an ‘official receipt’ for his/her subscription for the current year and must be placed in the space provided in their ‘card of membership’ and which must be shown to any bailiff, watcher, official or member of the Association on demand. The ‘card of membership’ shall take the form of a ‘year book’ which shall contain a copy of these rules and a copy thereof shall be handed to every member on payment of his/her annual subscription.
29.       Membership of the Association shall extend from 1st January to 31st December in each year.
Any member wishing to renew their membership must do so within that current year (i.e. no later than 31st December). Any member not renewing their membership by this date each year shall be deemed to have let their membership lapse and must re-apply for membership in the normal way. 31.       Admission to membership shall be at the discretion of the Committee.
The Committee shall have power not to renew the membership of any member of the Association.
If the conduct of any member shall, in the opinion of the Committee, be injurious to the interest and character of the Association, the Committee after a fair hearing shall be empowered to expel him/her from the Association, but only on the vote of at least three-fourths of the members of the Committee present and voting at the meeting at which such hearing shall take place or any adjournment thereof. The voting shall be by ballot.
34.       Any member having cause for complaint shall state the same in writing to the General Secretary, who shall bring it before the Committee at their next meeting and the Committee shall deal with such complaint in such manner as they think fit.
Any member who shall cease to be a member of the Association from whatever cause shall have no claim upon the property of the Association nor have any part of his/her subscription returned.
43.       All fish shall be returned to the water except pike, trout and grayling. These to stay at limits now in operation for rivers and canals. Size limits for pike (under 5lbs), trout (12”) and grayling (12”). When fishing for pike the Environment Agency Rules shall apply regarding live and pike baits.
Two fish only may be taken in one day’s fishing (see Rule 43).
All pike of 5lbs or more must be returned alive and not taken from the water of capture.
A member shall be allowed to fish with only one rod and line on Association waters, with the exception of Rule 48.
A second rod permit is available to members who wish to fish for carp with two rods. The permit and its use shall be subject to the following conditions:
     - Annual cost to be determined and set by the Association committee
     - One permit only per member.
     - Both rods to be within reach.
     - No encroachment on other anglers swims.
A second rod may be used for fishing in conjunction with the E.A. Licence provided a second rod permit has been obtained from the Ticket & Licence Secretary. This is to be at the annual cost, same as the carp second rod permit. Conditions for use see Rule 47.
Any member shall be allowed to use two rods for pike providing they obtain a second rod permit. This is to be at an annual cost same as the carp second rod permit charge. (Conditions of use see Rule 47).
49.       Any member purchasing a 2nd rod permit will be allowed to take a ‘junior non-member’ fishing as a guest, using their 2nd permit for the junior.
Any member will be allowed to use two rods providing they have first obtained a second rod permit receipt (for cost see current membership subscriptions) and to comply with current E.A. rod licence and national and regional byelaw restrictions. This is subject to the following:
        1.      One permit per member.
        2.      Both baited rods must be used in the same swim.
        3.      There must be no encroachment in to other member’s swims.
        4.      All baited rods and lines must be removed from the water if the member leaves the swim.
     Obtainable from the Ticket & Licence Secretary, online at or by providing a current yearbook at any tackle shop agent.
That for Knotford Nook and Kirklees Lagoon fisheries, members may fish with 3 rods all year, as long as they have the correct Environment licence and a third association rod permit, the price of which is set by the Association committee.
The annual closed season for freshwater fish on rivers shall be the period from 15th March until 15th June and any closure of waters shall be at the discretion of the Committee.
The period between 25th March and 16th June the following baits only shall be allowed on rivers: Fly, Minnow, Worm and Artificial Lure. All other baits are barred.
On all waters where for safety or other reasons the Association rule that, ‘Juniors must be accompanied by an adult’, the number of Juniors shall be limited to two per adult and must fish in the immediate vicinity of that adult.
Any member fishing for carp must be in possession of an unhooking mat for fish safety.
All carp over 5lbs must not be retained in keepnets or retaining slings and must be returned to the water as soon as possible after capture, unless caught in a fishing match when they may be retained in a keepnet, but must be returned to the water immediately after weighing.
That any member fishing for carp or pike will require a 42” size landing net.
All members fishing for Leather/common/mirror carp or pike must use a minimum of 15lb reel line when using bottom baits or lures and a minimum of 10lb reel line for surface/floater fishing.
All nets, mats and slings used at the Knotford fishery must be immersed in the dipping bin, following the instructions at the fishery prior to use.
The use of remote controlled boats are prohibited in any Association waters.
No fishing between 1 hour after sunset til 1 hour before sunrise (except Maunby Top Length & night fishing permit holders). No dogs allowed. No poaching. No camping. No litter. No fires. No gates left open. No Firearms. No wandering into fields from water’s edge. No radios. No trout to be kept in keepnets (except matches where specified). No bait tins allowed. No more than 2 fish to be taken (see Rule 44).
Any member or guest-angler fishing the Associations waters must remove from their peg all litter and wasted line. This shall include any litter found in the peg on arrival.
That night fishing be allowed on Kirklees Lagoon and Knotford Nook fishery. This is to be a strictly limited number, available via a season long permit (extra payment similar to a second rod permit), where the local landowner allows fishing through the night and it has no detrimental effect to the local populous, hinder any animal populations being wild or farmed of infringe on any S.S.I. or S.S.S.I. sites. The aim is to allow anglers to target nocturnal feeding periods and aid in the policing waters against poachers.
There is available a single night permit. This night permit allows a member to fish Knotford Lagoon and Kirklees Lagoon fisheries. The number of permits issued is controlled by the committee who also determines the duration and stay of a single night visit/session.
All existing night permit holders have first refusal until the 1st February to renew their night permit before they are released on general sale to the membership.
That any member purchasing an annual night permit for Knotford Nook and Kirklees Lagoon must have at least 1 year’s membership.
68.       That extended fishing hours be made available to members on the: River Swale; Thornton Bridge, Asenby, Gatenby, Maunby, River Calder; Gravel Pits, Bream Fields, Cooper Bridge and Cowthorpe (Cowthorpe Summer Period Only) by way of an extended hours permit. The extended hours will be limited to 11:30pm (BST) during the summer months (June 16th to October 31st) and 10:00pm during the Winter Months (1st November to March 14th) where the farmer/riparian land owner allows it and it has no detrimental effect to the local populous and does not hinder animals whether they be farmed or wild and does not infringe on any S.S.I’s or S.S.S.I’s. The extended hours permit will be unlimited in terms of numbers that can apply and the permit will cost £20.00 each and cover the above mentioned venues. All permit holders will be expected to bailiff/check permits any water they are fishing to ensure that any poaching does not take place. Any monies raised by the sale of these permits will be specifically assigned to the clubs river venues to aid improving stocks of coarse fish, improving access and forming specific areas with easy access for disabled/less mobile anglers.

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