Match Fixtures/Results 2011

Listed below are all the fixtures, venues and results for the clubs annual match fishing programme.

Mens Aggregate Weight Winner - J Vickerman 80lbs 14.5oz

B&B Ladies Aggregate Weight Trophy - J Sugden 6lbs 4oz

Junior Aggregate Weight Winner - J Kent 17lbs 9oz

Date Venue Type Trophy Gold Peg Results
09 Jan Cowthorpe Open Dudley Hill & Tong Cup No Result
13 Feb Cowthorpe Open Charity Open No Result
13 Mar Cowthorpe Open Charity Sweepstakes No Result
17 Apr Raskelf Members W. Backhouse Cup Yes Result
22 May Rawcliffe Bridge Members Pauling Cup Yes Result
05 Jun Queen Mary's Ponds Officials R. W. Naylor Trophy No Result
19 Jun Cowthorpe Members Bradford No.1 Rose Bowl Yes Result
25 Jun Raskelf Juniors Christopher Oliver Trophy No



26 Jun Raskelf Officials A. Waite Memorial No Result
03 Jul Raskelf Veterans H. Pickles Trophy No Result
10 Jul Nun Munkton Members Centenary & Abu Trophies Yes Result
16 Jul Willow Hall Dam Juniors Cosway Cup No



17 Jul Willow Hall Dam Officials J. K. Broadley Trophy No Result
14 Aug Maunby Members A. Philips Trophy No Result
21 Aug Beal, Lower Aire Champs Open Charity Rose Bowl No Result
11 Sep Raskelf Members Hirst Cup Yes Result
18 Sep Calder Championship Open 1st = 500 No Result
02 Oct Cowthorpe Members Spenborough Guardian Trophy Yes Result
13 Nov Roecliffe Open Lower Aire Charity No Result
11 Dec Cowthorpe Open Daily Mirror Cup No -

Calder League 2011
Below are the results for the Calder League Teams of 8.

Final Results

24 Jul River Calder Teams Calder League 1 Yes Result
07 Aug River Calder Teams Calder League 2 Yes Result
04 Sep River Calder Teams Calder League 3 Yes Result
25 Sep River Calder Teams Calder League 4 Yes Result
09 Oct River Calder Teams Calder League 5 Yes Result
06 Nov River Calder Teams Calder League 6 Yes Result
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