Kirklees (Clifton) Lagoon

Update: November 2018

As a result of ongoing talks between the club and Brighouse Police regarding issues at Kirklees Lagoon, the committee would like to make a renewed plea for all anglers and members of the public to report concerns and incidents to the authorities. A number of ideas remain on the table to improve the situation on the public land leading to the lake and an agreement has been made by the police to increase their visible presence in the area. The local council have already carried out work to construct a path and fence on the angler’s route to the lake and a lock will shortly be placed on the otter fence gate, using the same key as the Knotford gate, to improve angler’s peace of mind while at the fishery. Our thanks go to the police and council for their continued efforts.

In order for the issues to be escalated to the next level and further action to be taken, it is essential that concerns are reported to the police regularly. The easiest way to do this is via the West Yorkshire Police website (, giving your details and a full account of the incident or your concerns.

If you wish to report anonymously this can be done by calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Alternatively, you can call 101 and ask for Calderdale region – Brighouse area and report your concerns over the phone. It has been advised that this line can become extremely busy so the online method will likely be the easiest and quickest way.

All serious and ongoing incidents should be reported directly via 999.

Please ensure that you obtain a log number from the police when reporting issues and it would be appreciated if this can be forwarded to the club by email to so that we can keep a log of reports and ensure that they are followed up appropriately.

Thank you to everybody who has already raised issues with the police. The ongoing cooperation of anglers, members of the public, the club, the police and the council will be the only way forward to get the issues dealt with.

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